About Us

For us its all about enjoyment and being original, quite simply ‘We love what we do’. We're driven by creativity which is why we don’t just make videos for the sake of making videos. We love a challenge and what you think may result in a boring video, we will thrive off the challenge of bringing your video to life.

The size of our team shooting your project is dependant on the size of the production that you need. It can be a full film team with multiple filming angles from land and sky with directors, cast and crew, down to one cameraman; but rest assured the level of professionalism will always stay the same. Equipt with film degrees, CAA Licensed pilots and over 10 years industry experience, we have all the skills and technology to create very high end video productions.


Its always nice to be recognised for your work. We have had work screened at film festivals all over the world in places such as Hawaii, Brazil, London, California and South Africa just to name a few. We have won many Awards for our work ranging from 'Best UK film' and 'Best Short Film' to international awards around the world such as 'Most Poetic’. 


We like to think of ourselves as cutting edge, always staying fresh with the latest high tech equipment so that our videos are not only carefully thought out, artistic pieces but they are shot and edited with the best kit and stunning quality. Our Kit list boasts up to 4k cinematic picture and Slow motion frame rates up to 800fps, L series prime zoom lenses, 3 Axis stabilised gimbal steady cam, Drone and Aerial filming up to 4K not to mention all the tracks, jibs, steadycams, lighting and sound.

We at Rediscover Media work with a diverse team of individuals all across the spectrum, from creating international brand lifestyle videos which need to capture the most difficult of audiences and subtly market our client's products, all the way to Television adverts where our client wants to show exactly what they do in a clear, professional manner to their target audience. Whatever it is that you need, we can deliver in a way which captivates and inspires your viewer.